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Dosage for Small Dogs

Updated: May 19, 2019

Regular Strength Health Drops

For small dogs under 35 Lbs we recommend our regular strength health drops. Each bottle contains 250 mg of CBD per 30ml. Our dropper is graduated so it's simple to get accurate measurement. With this product a full dropper contains 8mg of CBD and a half dropper contains 4 mg.

Start Low and Go Slow

For most small dogs the half dropper (4mg) twice a day is enough to treat most symptoms. For the ones approaching 35 lbs going closer to the full dropper would be advisable. Start low and go slow. We have found that treating anxiety-related issues requires a higher dosage that pain issues. For younger dogs and dogs under 5 lbs 1\4 dropper would be a suitable dose. Find out more about appropriate dosages and purchase Health Drops for your small dog!

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