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Health Drops have Stopped Seizures and Prevented Reoccurrence

Updated: May 19, 2019

Our Health Drops are stopping seizures in dogs and cats better than anything available on the market and the science behind it is clear and part of what makes our product so unique! Our unique mixing process changes the trace amounts of THC that are in the isolate into CBDV. CBDV is a powerful anticonvulsant, perfect for pets with seizure disorders.

Our process has enabled us to become unique in the market as the only producer to be able to eliminate even trace amounts of THC and transform that into the lifesaving cannaboid CBDV. We now have hundreds of pets who are long-term, seizure free as a result of our product. There is now a safe and natural alternative to treat and prevent those dreaded seizures.

Are you ready to try Healthier Pet Health Drops? Get in touch or find out more on our FAQ!


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