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Protect your pet from holiday hazards with tips from a vet tech

Updated: May 19, 2019

Taking extra care with decorations and food can save an expensive visit to the vet, or even your pets life, says Heather O'Connell, a registered veterinary technician with the Animal Health Centre in Corner Brook, in this helpful article from the CBC. Our favourite tips remind us to watch for the tinsel and ribbon, which cats in particular might play with and eat. Edible ornaments can also be a problem if your puppy is known for sneaking into the treats when you're away. Never hang gingerbread men on metal hooks for example. Choose your holiday plants carefully, as some are extremely toxic to animals, make sure to tuck away cords and lights, and check them for chew marks - you don't want your pets to get a shock. As always, Christmas is followed by New Years, which means fireworks and anxiety for many pets. If you need help managing the anxiety, get in touch or get your Health Drops.



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