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Thinking About Giving Your Dog CBD?

What You Need to Know About Giving the Right CBD Dosage For Dogs!

By Modern Pets

It’s hard to deny the growing acceptance of CBD as an effective way to help our dogs with pain, anxiety, and seizures; however, with CBD’s surge in popularity, there’s growing confusion on the right CBD dosage for dogs.

We chatted with Chris Power, the founder of Healthier Pet, a company that specializes in CBD solutions for dogs and cats, and Chris recommends to " start low and go slow". Healthier Pet finds that the biggest mistake most people make when treating their pets with CBD is not giving their pet the proper dosage. See below for Healthier Pet’s easy to follow - CBD Dosage For Dogs chart.

He says “they have treated thousands of pets and have never seen an overdose of CBD and that there are no harmful side effects. The indications you have given your pet too much would be drowsiness or slight diarrhea.”

According to Chris, when you are sourcing pet CBD, you shouldn't base your purchase on a lower price point as the main buying factor. You get what you pay for in this market. You want to make sure your product is properly sourced from a reputable manufacturer to get the best quality product for your best friend. An essential checkpoint when you are purchasing CBD is knowing that it is lab-tested proving the consistency of each dosage you give your pet.

The dosage required can change for the condition being treated and Chris adds that certain conditions like anxiety, seizures, and cancer require different treatment protocols starting at a higher dosage and working backward. Chris welcomes you to reach out to him if you have any questions about treatment options and dosage.

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