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Came across this post on my personal timeline from back in 2016. And it brought tears to my eyes. I sometimes wonder if Rain would be still with us if we had access to CBD back in 2016. Sadly the day after I posted this Sweet Rain passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Only a Pet Parent can understand the bond we have with our pets. At Healthier Pet we Understand . We feel for every one of you who contacts us looking for help to remedy the health issues that effect so many of our Pets. We are here for you. We Understand . We care .

Facebook Memory from 2016

My best buddy isn't doing to well. Rain has a tumour around her esophagus and she is now in the Vet and the good Lords hands. And I know she is only an animal but she is a member of our family and we all love her dearly. The unconditional love of a dog is something that you have had to experience to understand . I am certainly grateful for the amazing level of care they can now offer for animals that you once had to go out of the province for . It's a bit pricey and I am now really seeing the need for pet insurance, but she is family to us and I will move the moon if I have to just to get her back home .

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