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Keeping your pets ears clean is very important to maintain good health. Our 100% natural Ear Drops for Pets treat inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral, and yeast infections. Use on a regular basis will help prevent futher infections.

Ear Drops for Pets is created from anti-fungal and anti-bacterial organic plant extracts. An anti-fungal detox solution, this product is designed to protect the ear canal from contamination by foreign bacteria and fungi.


Provides protection from:
• Ear infections, bacteria & fungi , candida.


Comes in 30 ml dropper bottle

Pet Care Ear Drops

  • Aqua, Nutra OPA (complex compound
    of plant acids and citrus extracts,
    plant glycerin and other active ingredients of the whole plant

  • For ongoing protection use daily.
    For ear infections use three times a
    day for 4 to 5 days. Then two times a
    day for a couple days. Apply luke
    warm (not chilled - best to place
    bottle in a cup of warm water for 5
    minutes before application).
    Apply 10-15 drops directly into the
    ear *If possible, apply moist cotton
    batton to help contain the drops. If
    no cotton batton apply the drops an
    2 extra times per day.

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