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As our pets are subject to many sources of bacteria, fungi and pathogens, we have designed a powerful yet easy to use natural solution for these intrusions.

Created from anti-fungal and anti-bacterial organic plant extracts, Pet Daily Detox is an anti-fungal detox solution designed to protect the GI Tract from contamination by foreign bacteria and fungi.


Provides protection from:

  • Unwanted bacteria & fungi
  • Candida and/or parasites
  • Stomach flu or discomfort due to foreign bacteria
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of proper absorption of nutrients.


Comes in 30ml dropper bottle

Pet Daily Detox

  • Aqua Nutra OPA (complex compound of
    plant acids and citrus
    extracts, plant
    glycerin, birch

  • For ongoing protection & GI Tract
    maintenance use daily.
    For Candida and/or parasites use
    three times a day for 12 to 15 days.
    Even though you will see noticeable
    results within a few days, it is
    important to finish the 15-day
    program, so that any leftover candida
    or parasites will not multiply.
    For stomach flu or discomfort due to
    foreign bacteria utilize a mini 3-day 3
    times a day cleanse.

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