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Seal Oil has the power of 3 fatty acids: DPA + EPA + DHA. DPA occurs naturally in a few places. Seal Oil and mother’s breast milk are two. DPA increases overall Omega-3 retention and it intensifies the benefits of traditional Omega-3’s (DHA & EPA). The mammalian molecular triglyceride structure of the seal will be more easily assimilated by your pet which means optimal digestion and absorption for better results


Health Drops – 2x Strength 1000 mg CBD in Seal Oil 


Enriched Neutraceutical Oil (30ml)

Recommended for Larger Pets (+50)



15ml - Cold-Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil

15ml – Seal Oil 

1000mg of CBD (less than 2% CBD per ml of carrier oil) containing no THC.



This product is specifically formulated to suit pets 50 and up. 

Each full dropper contains 32 mg of CBD. Our dropper is graduated for accuracy of dose.


Always start low and go slow. 

Dosage varies by weight and age.

For more information see our dosage charts. 

Health Drops 2x Strength 1000 mg CBD in Seal Oil

  • Our Health Drops are specially formulated to work quickly and effectively to treat a variety of your pet's ailments. We use only the finest of ingredients available.


    All our products are tested to human-grade standards by a Health Canada-approved lab.  We use only the finest of ingredients available. Our 99.2% pure CBD isolate is mixed with organic hemp and fish oil for ease of digestion and the added nutritional benefits they provide. 


    Each bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD in 30 ml. Our safety sealed graduated dropper ensures accuracy of dose. 

    All our Pet Products contain 0 THC.

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